The Leadership Team 


Our Pastor:

Rev. Gearóid Marley.  Our pastor commenced his ministry with AIBC in January 2017. He was brought up in Ireland became Christian in England. He pastored a church before working for a Christian Society. This involved teaching and preaching the Word of God. Also he did schools work and youth meetings throughout England and Ireland. He is married to Elizabeth and they have two daughters.  


Our Elders:  
Mr.Marco Reale Marco is married to Mariella and they have 4 children. Marco is originally from Sicilly and is involved in an itinerant ministry for a Christian Society.Marco and Mariella have two boys who are at university and 2 girls who are at home. 


Mr.Charles Luwaya, Charles is married to Jillian. They are both from Zambia. They have four grown daughters. He is involved in the teaching and preaching and pastoral visitation. 

Our Deacon:
Mr. Rory Masureik

Rory our treasurer is from South Africa and is married to Debbie. They have four daughters two are at university and two are at home. 



Church Administration Secretary: Mrs Judith Follon


Educational Team:

Sunday School Superintendent: Mrs. Mariella Reale