July-August 2007

Ladies’ Prayer Meeting


During the summer month, the ladies’ prayer meeting have been suspended as people are often away. We will resume them after the summer.




Monday Prayer Meeting


This meting is faithfully attended.  I have been visiting regularly the Christian Elderly Home. One of the elderly sisters went Home to the Lord. She was a great testimony.




Canals Children Ministry


I was asked to help with an Open Air Children's Ministry in the small town of Canals. Every evening we had 45 – 50 children from 15 – 18 of July with a temperature of 35 degrees, in the public square. The second evening we were verbally abused by a drunkard and the police intervened. Every evening had a couple of police officers protecting us from verbal abuse from any intoxicated passer by. The guards were like those of Paul’s prison in Rome, forced to hear the Gospel whilst doing their job. Pray that the Gospel will touch children, parents and policemen.




Campello 28/08/2007


After a busy summer looking after my daughter Deborah, whose health is not good, I went to Campello to have a rest, and there I met a lady who has been abandoned by her husband . She has an handicapped child. I was able to minister to her in such a turmoil.




Small Churches


I have assisting on regular basis the churches of Canals and Pobla Larga, two small witness endeavors where the majority of believers are elderly and ladies, I help with the children and ladies’ ministry.






Annamaria and Lorenzo, two Roumanian refugees, whom we helped for years and had come to the saving knowledge of Christ, will obey the Lord in Baptism on the 08 of September 2007 in the newly established (one month old) missionary work in the small town of Pedrer. They feel the Lord leading to assist the pastor of this new Baptist testimony.




Please pray for:




· Deborah and Isaiah as they face this trial together


· The churches of Canals, Pobla Larga and Pedrer as they work for the spreading of the Gospel in these towns who are very Catholic.


· Annamaria and Lorenzo as they are growing in the Lord.


· The elderly in the Christian Home of Xativa.  The deserted wives I minister to, the refugees, the illegal immigrants, the children and all those the Lord


        lead me to meet as I  try to serve Him.




I remain,


Yours sister in the Lord,


Luciana Reale




Jose Esquibel, 31/08/2007