Luciana Reale from Spain (Autumn 2010)

New Photo Oct 07

"I, even I, am he who comforts you”. Isaiah 51:12

I would like to thank all of you who have helped with AIBC to make my trip to Sicily possible, I had
a great time and felt blessed to be able to see my family again and many of the people who I have
had the privilege of knowing while we worked for the Lord there in our younger years, even children
who I had given Sunday School lessons to back in the 80’s. Even there I was able to minister
to many who were suffering, many whom I was able to give testimony too.

A non Christian lady called Marina who is also divorced and need of comfort with many issues in
her life. She opened her heart and her home to me, which I felt was a true blessing. Francesca is a
believer whom I was talking to and praying with as she battles with family issues at this moment,
her husband is in hospital with depression and she is truly struggling as he has been this way for 3

The church in Palermo gave me the chance to speak at their ladies meetings where we were truly
blessed, one of the ladies Patrizia who attended had only been saved 2 months before. In one of
the ladies meetings I met a young lady who I taught Sunday School to when she was 8, Santina and
she still remembered me, after a life of trials and heartache she had come back to the Lord only a
few months before. This gave me a great feeling that the Lord’s timing is not ours.

I was able to meet cousins and family I hadn’t seen in over 30 years and was also able to witness to
their children and their spouses who I hadn’t seen since they were small children and who didn’t
remember me. Especially my nephew Angelo and my niece who is 16 Mariangela. So I am praying
fervently for them.
Before my trip to Sicily this summer, I was able to spend some time with the folks at AIBC, I presented
my work in Spain to many for them, even the children and the ladies, I was happily surprised
with many treats and some wonderful fellowship, as well as the gift of my flight to Sicily to
see my family. I didn’t have enough words to thank them all for their prayers, and support, for the
contacts they keep with the other churches that support my work here and I pray that the Lord
may richly bless you all who keep me in your prayers daily. Being in fellowship with my home
church is a privilege and it’s an honor to represent these brethren in the work I do for the Lord
here in Spain, I am strong in Him and in the love I receive from you all.

I am now finally back in Spain. I have hardly had time to unpack, as already my phone is ringing
non stop, I will be visiting the folk at Campello in Alicante next weekend, I have a few young married
ladies with relationship problems who seek my advice and care, and I am going to minister
with the Lords help to help them with these sad issues.
Also here in Canals the church will be taking part in a week long campaign with the children. So I
will be back for that, I will surely meet many of the children whom I have not seen all summer long
and will be encouraging to start visiting my classes on Sundays again.

On the first of October we start the weekly work with muslim/romany children, I am praying my
volunteers will stay longer than the first two weeks. I pray these young people will feel a real need
and calling from the Lord not just to their emotions, there is a lot of work to be done and the more
help we receive the better, remember we not only tell these children stories, but we give them
food, we talk to the parents and we try to teach them many things about general behavior and hygiene

As soon as I am settled next month I will be off to England again, AIBC are holding their missions
conference so I shall be back for 3 weeks. If you would like to know more please get in touch with
the church or my son Marco, I would love to see all you folk there and share fellowship with you
Deborah has managed well without me, the most difficult time for her health is the summer and
she has borne it better than ever this year, her last blood tests have shown that her levels are perfect
and the doctors were very happy to have a completely perfect result after 3 and a half years of
treatment, she still has to take her drugs daily but her health is much improved, so much so that
they will now let her diet and do exercise. She’s very happy about that. So thank you for your
prayers for her as always.
I ask you to pray that the Lord keep my family, my children, grandchildren and great granddaughter
Melody. I’d like to ask you to pray for my brother in law Pino who is waiting or a liver transplant.
And for the many needs of the work here in Spain.
Thank you for your constant support, please continue to pray for my health, that I may continue to
carry out this work for a long while yet and that the Lord may continue to use me for even longer.
Yours in His Grace. Luciana.

Marco Reale, 11/10/2010